Frozen Store

Frozen Store


Breaded Fish FilletPack
Brd Cod 4/5 oz1x24
Brd Cod 5/6 oz1x24
Brd Cod 6/7 oz1x18
Brd Plaice 6/7 oz1x18
Brd Plaice 7/8 oz1x18
Brd Plaice Goujons1x454g
Brd Haddock 5/6 oz1x24
Youngs Fishfingers1x10
Cod Fish Fingers (fillet)1x60

Battered Fish FilletPack
Bat Cod 4/5 oz1x24
Bat Cod 5/6 oz1x24
Bat Cod 6/7 oz1x18
Bat Cod 7/8 oz1x15
Bat Cod Goujons1 kg
Bat Haddock 5/6 oz1x24
Jumbo Battered Cod Fish Fingers1x36
Youngs Chipshop Cod Fillet Battered4 Large
Youngs Fishcakes 85g1 x 6

Plain FishPack
D-cut smoked Salmon Sides1x1 kg
Salmon Fillets 140/170 gm1 x 10
Skinless Boneless Cod
5/6 oz, 6/8 oz
Battered Calamari Rings1x1lb
Black Shell Mussels 1kl5
Cod in Parsley Sauce x 41 pk
Cod in Butter Sauce x 41 pk
Cold Water Prawns1x2kg
Crab Meat 50/501X1lb
Crab Sticks1X1 kg
Filo Prawns 31-401x500g,
Kipper Boil in the Bag 12 x 60g
Raw King Prawns (21-25)
Peeled and Deveined
Salmon Fishcakes 56g1x50
Smoked Haddock BIB 170gm 1x24
Smoked Mackeral BIB 1x7lb
Squid Tubes 1x1kg
Tempura Prawn1x500g
Whole Crevettes 30/401x1kg
Wholetail Brd Scampi1x454g

Metallica S/F Chicken Burger960g
Battered Chicken Burger1kg approx 9
Spicy Chicken Burgers1kg
Chicken Goujons S/Fried1Kg
Half Roast Chicken341-539g x28
Battered Chicken Nuggets1kg
Chicken Kievs 6oz (natural)12
Cooked Chicken Strips 2.5kg1
Cooked Chicken Breast Fillet1x2.5
Cooked Diced Chicken Meat 2.5kg1
Turkey Crown 3.63 cooked1
Uncooked Chicken Breast Fillet 1x2.5
Uncooked Chicken Drumsticks1.5Kg
Hot & Kicking Brd Wings1 x Kg

Sandwich Steak CanadianApprox 50
Sliced Sandwich Steak 1.8KGApprox 25
Sliced Hoi Sin Duck Meat1kg

Frozen SausagePack
Cumberland Ring 4ozx40
Pigs in Blanket (cooked)x50
Pork Sausage 8s10lb

Aberdeen Angus Burger 6ozX30
Beefburger 2oz (80%) HalalX48
Beefburger 2oz (100%) G/FX48
Beefburger 4oz (80%) HalalX48
Fribo All Round Burger 4ozX30
Lamb Burger 4oz HalalX48

Pies and PuddingsPack
Wright Chicken & Mush SlicesX36
Wrights Wrapped Cornish Pastie 190gX24
Cheese & Onion Pasty D-ShapeX40
Cornish Pasty D-ShapeX40
Cheese & Onion HollandsX4
Meat & Potato HollandsX4
Meat Pie HollandsX4
Steak & Kidney pie HollandsX4
Steak & Kidney Puddings HollandsX4
Large Steak & Kidney PuddingX8
Large Steak & Ale PuddingX8
Large Steak & Mushroom PuddingX8
Traditional Cornish PastieX40
Sausage Rolls (Wrapped)X35
7”Unckd Sausage RollsX40
Mini Pork PiesX36

Chips & SpecialitiesPackCase
Chips (3/8, 7/16,9/16) 2.5kg1x4
Gourmet Signature Chips
PUB Coated Chips1x4
McCainOven Chips 1.5kg1.5Kgx8
Shoestring Fries2.5kg1x4
Twister Fries2.5kg1x4
StealthFries 2.5kg6mm or 9mm1x4

Aunt Bessies Roast Potatoes2.5kg1
Duchesse Potatoes 2.5kg1
Hash Browns 2.5kg1x4
Jacket Potatoes Large 280-340g11x55
Jacket Pot Stuffed Ch/On4x12
Mashed Potato Pellets 2.5kg1x4
Mini Hash Browns 1kg1x10
Plain Potato Wedges 2.5kg1x4
Potato Croquettes 2.5kg1x4
Potato Longboats (Skins) x201x4
Potato Noisettes 2.5kg1x4
Saute Potato 2.5kg1x4
Savory Herb Dice 2.5kg1x4
Spicy Potato Wedges 680g16x16
Sweet Potato Fries 2.5kg1x4

Apple Slices1x1kg
Raspberry Crumb1x1kg
Summer Fruit Mix1x1kg

Frozen VegetablesPack per Box
Asparagus Spears 1kg10
Broad Beans 907g12
Broccoli Florets 907g12
Broc; Cauli & Carrot Mix 907g12
Cabbage – Shredded 907g12
Carrots Julienne12
Carrots - Baby 907g12
Carrots – Diced 907g12
Carrots – Sliced 907g12
Casserole Veg 907g12
Cauliflower Florets 907g12
Corn Cobs – Baby 1kg10
Corn Cobs (½) 8 per kilo10
Corn on Cob 397g2 per bag10
Edamame Beans (Shelled) 500g 10
Edamame Beans (Shelled) 500g 10
Garlic Cloves 1kg10
Green Beans – Cut 907g12
Green Beans – Sliced 907g12
Green Beans - Whole 907g12
Gnocchi 2kg1
Leaf Spinich 1kg10
Leeks – Cut 1kg12
Mixed Veg 907g12
Mushrooms - Button 450g10
Onions – Chopped 2.5kg4
Onions - Sliced 907g12
Onions – Silverskin 1kg10
Onion Rings – Battered 450g24
Onion Rings Natural Battered 1kg10
Oriental Veg Mix Kg1
Parsnips – Honey Roast 600g16
Peas - Supreme 907g12
Peas - Petit Pois 907g12
Peas - Mushy 907g12
Peppers Mixed – Sliced 907g12
Peppers Mixed – Diced 907g12
Ratatouille 1kg10
Sprouts Button 907g12
Swede – Diced 907g12
Sweetcorn 907g12

Long Grain Rice Ind ptn frozen1x36
Long Grain Bulk Bag1x20kg
Long Grain Rice Bag1x2.5kg


Multi Portion Meals 9"x 9" TraysPack
Chicken Curry1
Chilli Con Carne1
Cottage Pie1special order
Hot Pot1special order
Meat Lasagne1
Mediterranean Veg Lasagne1
Tuna Pasta1special order

Individual MealsPack
Broccoli Cream Cheese Bake12
Chicken Tikka Masala12
Meat Lasagne12
Potato & Brie Rosti12
Tuna Pasta Bake12
Veg Lasagne 400g12
Veg Chilli12

Pastry & Savoury

Pastry & SavouryPack per Box
Baked Yorkshire Boats4x15
Baked Yorkshire Puddding 2"24 x12
Baked Yorkshire Puddding 3"1x60
Baked Yorkshire Puddding 4”1x60
Baked Yorkshire Pudding 7”1x20
Duck Pancakes 10 pack10x10

Filo Pastry Sheets 500g8
Gastranome Puff Pastry Sheets 625gx12
Pastry Shells 3.5" Savoury1x144
Pastry Shells 12"1 sgl
Puff Pastry4x3lb
Puff Pastry Ovals1x96
Puff Pastry Rounds 6"1X96
Cheese & Onion Roll1x1kg
Sausage Rolls 1.2" unbaked1x1kg
Sausage Rolls 7" unbaked1x40
Sausage Rolls Jumbo 8" baked1x35 (wrapped)
Shortcrust Pastry4x3lb
10" Spring Roll Pastry Sheets10x30
Wanton Pastry 200gm1pk
2” party Vol Au Ventx60
3” Medium Vol Au Ventsx18
Kingsize Vol Au Ventsx6

Cheese & Tomato Omelette 170g1x16
Plain Omelette 100g1x24
Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls 20g3kg

Buffet & AppetizersPack
Halloumi Fries1kg
Hot & Spicey Chicken Wings1kg
Beer Batt Onion Ring1kg
Garlic Breaded Mushroom450g
Breaded Mushroom1kg
Breaded Camamabert Bites1kg
Breaded Mushroom1kg
Baked Mini Quiche1kg
Chicken Liver Brandy Pate1x1k
Chicken Satay 20g1x60
Chicken Satay Skewers 30g1kg
Chicken Tikka Skewers 35g1x60
Cocktail Lamb Samosa 30g1x50
Cocktail Onion Bhajis 35g1x100
Gala Pie 18p/ptn frozen 2.1Kg1 sgl
Mini Duck Spring Rolls 20g1x90
Mini Veg Samosa1x60
Mini Veg Spring Rolls1x50,
Mini Pork Pies1x36
Mini Scotch Eggs1x80
Mini Tartlets Apero 18g
Contains 5 each…Salmon + Dill Cups; Cauliflower + Broccoli Tartlets; Goats Cheese Tomato + Basil Cups; Cheese Onion + Bacon Tartlettes; Mushroom Garlic + Parsley Tartlets
Mixed Mini Party Pack
(20 Pork Pies,15 Sausage Rolls, 15 Chicken Kievs, 15 Savory Eggs)
Petit Crolines Mixed Box 2
(Mushroom Cheese+Ham,Chicken Curry)
Prawn Toast Jumbo 35gm1x80
Royal Thai Dim Sum Selection1x100
Sausage Rolls 2” (uncooked)1x20,
Veg Dimsum 18g3x16
Veg Petit Crolines Mixed Box 22g
Blue Cheese)
Freshly Baked Mini Quiche1x32
Large Freshly Baked Quiche 12"1
Scotch Egg (Large)1x12


Brd Veg Burgers1x4
Falafel 25g60
Nut Roast Slice 140gx1
Quorn Burger 50g1x24
Quorn Fillets 2kg1
Quorn Mince 1kg1
Quorn Piece 1kg1
Quorn Sausage 50g
Veg Sausage 56gx30
Veg Nuggets 1kg1


Vegan ProductsPack
Traditional Vegan Sausage 62.5g1x80
Quarter Pounder 113g1x24
Vegemince 1kg1
Moroccan Falafel Bites 22g2x700g
Sweet Potato Falafel Bites 22g2x700g
Bbq lentil & mixed seed Burger 88gx24
Portobello Mushroom& Beetroot Burger100g x1Kg
Chicken Style Strips 380gx10
Red Lentil,Sundried Tomato & Garlic Pate Puck 65gx24
Red Pepper & Aubergine Chilli300g x15
Pizza Dough Puck 240gx13
Sourdough Bun Topped With Mixed Seeds 4.5"x60
Eden Burger Bun 90gx45

Chocolate Fudge14pp
Choc Chip & Orange Pudding 160gx12
Vanilla Ice Cream4lt
Choclote Ice Cream4lt
Salter Caramel Ice Cream4lt
Coconut Ice Cream4lt

Gluten Free Products
Lemon Pepper Salmon Portion 140-160gx10
McCain Sweet Potato Fries2.5kg
Battered Chicken Goujon 45g2x1kg
Garlic Chicken Kiev 180-210gx10
Pork Frankfurter 7.5”100gaprox 84
Sweet Potato, Chick Pea & Spinach Curry 350gx12
Cheese & Bacon Bites 18gx48
White Sliced Bread 535gx6
Brown Sliced Bread 535gx6
Seeded Roll 68gx25
Brioche Bun 70gx24

Other vegetarian options available on request

Pizza & Pizza ComponentsPack
Cheese & Tom Pizza 5"1x30
Garlic Butter1x5lt
Grated Moz Cheese Pizza Melt1x2kg
Julienne Ham1x1kg
Mini Cheese & Tomato Pizza1x30x4
Pizza Sauce A10 Tin1
Pizza Slab 9”x12” Ch/Tom1
Slice Pepperoni1x1kg
9" Thin Pizza Base1x30
12" Thin Pizza Base1x16
Variety of Econ Pizza 9"on request

Bakery & SpecialitiesBoxPack
Floured Baps 4"1x48x12
Floured Baps 5" 8 per pk1x48x8
Hot Dog Rolls 6"1x48x12
Hot Dog Rolls 8"1x48x12
Brioche Hot Dog Roll 8"
Malted Grain 5? Floured Bap1x48
Seeded Burger Buns 4"1x48x12
Seeded Burger Buns 5"1x48x8
Bakers Basket 5 varieties1x60
Bar Marked Hinged Panini 110g1x40
Ciabatta Loaves 300g1x20
Ciabatta Oblong Top Cut 120g1x40
Ciabatta Roll95g1x40
Ciabatta Squares 105g1x40
Flour Tortilla 10"4X18
Flour Tortilla 12"1x100
Flour Tortilla 6"1x150
Garlic Bread Slices10x12
Mini Round Naan Bread 50g1x72
Mini French Baguette1x45
Panini 110g1x30
Part Baked Small White Baguettes1x50
Part Baked Small Brown Baguettes1x30
Petit Pain Malted1x70
Petit Pain White1x100
Pitta Bread 1x624x6x6
T&S Small White Baguettes1x30
T&S Small Brown Baguettes1x30
Thick Sliced Brown Bloomer 800GX6x1
Thick Sliced White Bloomer 800GX6x1
Thick Sliced White Loaf 800GX6x1
Thick Sliced Wholemeal Loaf 800GX6x1

Brioche Buns 4”1x48x12
Brioche Slider1x60
Foccacia – Rosemary & Herb1x8
Mini Granary Tin Loaf 55g1x48
Mini White Tin Loaf 55g1x48
Gluten Free Sliced White Loaves1x6
Gluten Free Seeded Bread Rolls 68g1x25

Coffee ShopBoxPack
Pain Au Chocolate Part Baked
Cinnamon Swirl Part Baked
All Butter Croissants1x50
Belgian Waffles 85g1x20
English Muffins1x48x6
Giant Sultana Scones 100g1x60
Ind Danish Pastries Assorted1x24
Teacakes Slices 4" Currant4x12x12
Teacakes Sliced 5" Currant6x8x8

Individual SweetsPack
All Butter Crepes 8"1x100
Choc Eclairs1x6
Jam & Cream Doughnuts1x6
Profiteroles with Sauce1x16
Vanilla Slices1x24
Mini Assorted Dessertsx55

Tray BakesPack
Apple & Almond Slice 20ptn1
Cherry & Rhubarb 20ptn1
Strawberry & Rhubarb 20ptn1
Carrot Cake Slab 15ptn1
Choc Fudge Brownie Slab 30ptn2x2.4kg

Hot & Cold DessertsPack
Apple Crumble1x12
Apple & Blackberry Crumble1x12
Apple & Rhubarb Crumble1x12
Choc Sponge Pudding 175-220g1x12
Strawberry Sponge Pudding (No Custard)150gx12
Lemon Sponge Pudding 175-220g1x12
Raspberry Sponge Puds 175-220g1x12
Rum & Raisin Puds 175-220g1x12
Spotted Dick Puds 175-220g1x12
Sticky Toffee Puds 175-220g1x12

Multi Portion Sleeve (14 Portion)Pack
Chocolate Pudding1
Jam Roly Poly Pudding1
Spotted Dick Pudding1

Desserts; Cake & Sweet PiesPack
Caramel Apple Granny14 p/ptn
Coffee Walnut Cake14 p/ptn
Lemon Meringue Pie12 p/ptn
Solid Top Apple Pie 12"(Traditional Fayre)
Cherry Pie12"(Traditional Fayre)
Sticky Salted Caramel Cake14 p/ptn
Sticky Choc Orange Cake14pptn
Alabama Fudge Cake 16pptn1
Choc Lumpy Bumpy 12pptn1
Lemon Drizzle Cake14pptn1
Lemon Roulade 10ptn1x2
Passion Cake14pptn1
Tarte Au Citron 12pptn1
Tarte Au Chocolate12pptn1
Angel Sparkle Cake12pptn1
Toffee Crunch Dime Bar 14pptn1
Toffee Lumpy Bumpy 14pptn1
Treacle Tart1
Victoria Sponge 14pptn1
White Choc Rasp Roulade 10ptn1x2

Gluten Free Desserts
Carrot Cake 14pptn1
Alabama Choc Fudge 14pptn1
Almondy Cake 14pptn1
Chocolate Brownie18pp
White Chocolate & Raspberry Roulade 10ptnX2
Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream5litre,
Mixed Berry Sorbet4.5lt

Economy Range
Blackforest Gateaux
Coffee Mandarin Gateaux
Sticky Toffee Gateaux
Banoffee Gateaux
Strawberry & White Chocolate Gateaux
Orange & Lemon Gateaux

Cheese Cakes
Lemon Swirl12PTN
Plain (Trad Fayre)14PTN

Chocolate Mousse1x10
Strawberry Mousse1x10

Ice CreamPack
Chocolate (Econ)1x4lt
Strawberry (Econ)1x4lt
Vanilla (Econ)1x4lt
Mint Choc1x4lt
Raspberry Ripple (Econ)1x4lt
Choc Ices1x8
Diabetic Vanilla1x2lt
Diabetic Ind Vanilla Tubs1x120
Ice Cubes 2kg6
Lolly Ices Fruitx6
Fruit Splitx8
Large Vanilla Ice Cream Roll1x3
Slicing Vanilla1x1lt
Strawberry Cupettes80ml1x120
Vanilla Cuppettes 80ml1x120
Vienetta 650ml1x6

Sorbets New Forest 2 litre
Blood Orange1x2lt

Mrs Dowsons 4.7 litre
Amaretto & Black Cherry
Banana & Toffee
Blackcurrant & Liquorice
Cappuccino & Chocolate
Chocolate Orange
Chunky Chocolate
Oreo Cookie Crumble
Eaton Mess
Ferrero Rocher
Mango & Passion fruit
Mint Chocolate Chip
Pear Drop
Raspberry Ripple
Rum & Raisin
Salted Caramel
Smooth Strawberry
Smooth Chocolate
Straw & Cream
Treacle Toffee
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla & Honeycomb
White Chocolate

Savoury Pies
Minced Steak & Potato 12” Pie1
Steak & Kidney 12” Pie1
Steak & Ale 12” Pie1
Steak & Mushroom 12” Pie1
Steak Pie 12” Pie1
Steak & Stilton 12” Pie1
Minced Steak & Onion 12” Pie1
Chicken & Mushroom 12” Pie1
Chicken & Ham 12” Pie1
Chicken Ham & Leek 12” Pie1
Cheese & Onion 12” Pies1

Sweet Pies
Apple Pie 12”
Cherry Pie 12”
Plain Cheese Cake 12”

Multi Portion
Beef Lasagne 9” x “9
Cottage Pie 9” x 9”
Chicken Curry 9” x 9”
Hot Pot 9” x 9”
Chilli 9” x 9”

For Price Quotes On All Of The Above Products Please Ring Our Office.

TEL-  01695 581 867    8AM – 4:30PM.