Dry Store

Dry Store


Apple Sauce Essentially Catering2.5lt
Balsamic Glaze500ml
Balsamic Vinegar5 Litre,
Balsamic Vinegar500ml
Balti Sauce CL2.2 Litre
BBQ Sauce – Sticky Lion2.27 Litre
Bechamel Sauce Knorr1.05 kg
Bechamel (Granules) Knorr1.05 kg
Black Bean Sauce CL2.15 Litre
Brandy Sauce1 Litre
Branston Pickle2.55 kg
Brown Sauce Crucials1 Litre
Brown Sauce HP4.6kg
Brown Sauce Lion4.3 kg
Burger Relish Bicks2.45 kg
Caesar Dressing1 Litre
Cantonese Sauce Golden D1 kg
Cranberry Sauce2.5 kg
Curry SauceMaykway3 kg
Curry Powder (Garam Masala)1 kg
Curry Paste – Maysan448gm
Curry Powder Madras400 g
Demi Glace1.05 kg
Fish Sauce750 ml
French Dressing1 Litre
Garlic Mayonnaise Crucials1 Litre
Garlic Puree1 kg
Ginger Paste210g
Green Thai Curry Sauce2.5 lt
Gravy – Bisto1.9 kg
Gravy – Browning950g
Gravy – Maggi2 kg
Gravy – Knorr G/F1.7 kg
Gravy – No1 Beef1.5 kg
Hoi Sin Sauce Lee Kum Kee500g
Hollandaise1 Litre
Horseradish2.25 Litre
Jalfrezi2.2 Litre
Jerk Sauce1 litre
Kecap Manis620 ml
Korma Sauce CL2.2 Litre
Madras Sauce CL2.2 Litre
Marie Rose Sauce CL2.15 Litre
Malt Vinegar5 Litre
Mango Chutney2.5 kg,
Mayonnaise Crucials1 Litre,
Mayonnaise Olympic5 Litre
Mayonnaise Hellmans5 Litre
Mint Sauce Olympic2.25 Litre
Mustard – Dijon CL2.25 Litre
Mustard – English Lion2.25 Litre
Mustard – French CL2.25 Litre
Mustard – Whole Grain CL2.25 Litre
Oyster Sauce2.25Litre
Pesto – Green1 kg
Pesto – Red1 kg
Piccalilli2.2 Litre
Piri Piri Sauce – Mild2.27 ml
Pizza Sauce – Spicy3 kg,
Plum Sauce400gm
Redcurrant Jelly2.5 Litre
Red Onion Chutney1.1 Litre
Rogan Josh2.2 Litre
Salad Cream CL1 Litre
Salad Cream Heinz2.15 Litre
Salsa2.3 kg,
Soy Sauce – Dark Pearl River Bridge1.8 Litre
Soy Sauce – Light Pearl River Bridge1.8 Litre
Soy Sauce G/F250 ml
Sweet & Sour Sauce CL2.15 Litre
Sweet Chilli Blue Dragon1 Litre
Tabasco57 ml
Tahini Paste907gr
Tartar Sauce Colmans2.25 Litre
Tartar Sauce Essentially Catering2.27 Litre
Teriyaki Sauce1.9 Litre
Tikka Masala Sauce CL2.2 Litre
Tomato & Basil Sauce2 kg,
Tomato Ketchup Heinz4 Litre
Tomato Ketchup Vienna Gold4 Litre
Tomato Sauce Crucials1 Litre
Worcester Sauce LP568 ml

Brown SauceL/Fx 200
Brown Sugar Satchetsx 1000
Brown Sugar Sticks T&Lx 1000
Brown Sugar Cube Le Perruche1 kg
HP Sauce200 x 10 ml
LF Jam Portionsx 100
Marmalade Portions5 x 20 x 20g
Mayonnaisex 200
Mayonnaise Heinzx 200
Pepperx 1000
Pepper L/Fx 2000
Salad Creamx 200
Saltx 2000
Tartar Saucex 200
Tomato Saucex 200
Tomato Sauce Heinzx 200
Vinegarx 200
White Sugar Sachetsx 1000
White Sugar Sticks TATE+LYLEx 1000,
White Sugar Cubes Le Perruche1 kg,

Balti Paste2.2kg
Garlic Puree1.2 kg
Harissa Paste135gm
Pizza Sauce2.95 Litre
Thai Red or Green1.1 kg
Tomato Puree800g
Tomato Puree4.5 kg
Wasabi Paste90grm

Beef (Paste)1 kg
Chicken (Paste)1 kg
Veg (Paste)1 kg
Fish (Paste)1 kg
Lamb Powder1 kg
Veg Bouillon Powder1 kg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil5 Litre
Pomace Oil5 Litre
Sesame Oil1.89 Litre
Sunflower Oil5 Litre
Vegetable Oil20 Litre
Truffle Oil Concentrate250 ml

Baked Beans Economy Size12 x 410g
Baked Beans Heinz24 x 415g
Baked Beans HeinzA10
Baked Beans HeinzA10 1x6
Baked BeansA10
Black Olives (Pitted)850g
Black Olives (Pitted)4.1 kg
Butter Beans800gram
Carnation Milk397g x6
Chick PeasA10
Chick Peas400g
Cannolini Beans800gm
Coconut MilkA10
Coconut Milk400 ml
Coconut Cream200gmx 6
Condensed Milkkg
Green Olives (Pitted)4.1 kg
Kidney BeansA10
Kidney Beans400g
Mixed Beans800g
Mixed Olives700g
Mushy PeasA10
Mushy Peas (Small)x 12
Pear Halves – Syrup2.5 kg
Pineapple Chunks825g
Pineapple Rings825g
Roasted Red PeppersA10
Sliced JalapenoA10
Solid Pack AppleA10
Sweetcorn 340gmx 12
Tomato ChoppedA10
Tomato PlumA10
Tuna ChunksA6
Tuna Chunks800g

Herbs, Spices, Nuts, Seeds & SeasoningsSize
Black Pepper Cracked1 kg
Black Pepper Whole1 kg
Black Pepper Powder Ground250g
Borlotti Beans1 kg
Cajun Spice550g
Cashew Nuts1kg
Cajun Seasoning590g
Cardaman Pods200g
Cardaman Pods1 kg
Cayenne Pepper500g
Celery Salt1 kg
Chilli Flakes crushed350g
Chilli Powder500g
Chinese Five Spice600g
Cinnamon Powder500g
Cloves (Whole)1 kg
Coarse Sea Salt5 kg
Coriander Seeds500g
Cranberries Dried1kg
Cumin Seeds250g
Cumin Powder500g
Fennel Seeds500g
Garlic – Chopped in Oil1.2 kg
Garlic Powder700g
Garlic Granules700g
Ground Cinnamon500g
Ground Coriander500g
Ground Ginger400g
Ground Nutmeg500g
Juniper Berries600g
Macadamia Nuts1 kg
Mixed Herbs300g
Mustard Seeds500g
Mustard Seeds (Yellow)500g
Nutmeg Whole1 kg
Nutmeg Ground1 kg
Onion Powder650gm
Parsley Dried120g
Paprika Powder500g
Paprika (Smoked)500g
Peanuts Whole – White1 kg
Pepper Corns – Green (In Brine)1 kg
Pepper Corns – Pink250g
Pepper Corns – White500g
Pepper Powder – White250g
Pickled Ginger (Sushi)1 kg
Pinenuts1 kg
Piri Piri Seasoning SFC500g
Pistachio Nuts1 kg
Poppy Seeds500g
Powdered Cinnamon390g
Pumpkin Seeds1 kg
Saffron1 gram
Sage & Onion Paxo1kg
Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix CL2 kg
Salt – Maldon Sea Salt250g
Salt – Maldon Sea Salt1.5 kg
Salt – Table Salt5 kg
Salt – Rock1 kg
Salt & Pepper Seasoning200g
Sesame Seeds White500g
Sesame Seeds Black500g
Star Anise500g
Walnut Halves1kg

Arborio Rice1 kg
Basmati Rice2.5 kg
Cous Cous2 kg
Egg Noodles Sharwoods8 x 500g
Fettuccini6 kg
Fusilli CL3 kg
Jasmine Rice5 kg
Lasagne Sheets (12 pkt per box)500g
Lentils Green500g
Linguine CL3 kg
Long Grain Rice10 kg
Long Grain Rice5 kg
Long Grain Rice2.5 kg
Macaroni Knorr3 kg
Macaroni CL3 kg
Pearl Barley1 kg
Penne CL3 kg
Pudding Rice2 kg
Red Dried Lentils2 kg,
Shells3 kg
Spaghetti3 kg
Tapioca Rice500g
Vermicelli Rice Noodles375g
Wild Rice1 kg

Black Beans400g
Capers1.7 kg
Capers Mini1.7 kg
Crispy Onions400g
Corn Tortilla 8” Old Elpaso335g x 12
Gelatine Leaf1 kg
Golden Bread Crumbs3 kg
Goose/Duck Fatx6 320g
Jacobs Biscuits for Cheese900g
Lemon Curd2 kg
Marrowfat Peas – Dried12.5 kg
Nachos Tortilla Chips475g
Natural Bread Crumbs2.27 kg
Panko Bread Crumbs1 kg
Peanut Butter6x340g
Pecan Nuts1kg
Pepperoni1 kg
Piccalilli2.2 Litre
Pickled Gherkins2.45 Litre
Pickled Gherkins (Cornichons)1.6 kg
Pistachio (Shell Off)1 kg
Poppadoms – Plain12 x 94g
Silverskin Onions (Pickled)2.25 kg
Sliced Red Cabbage2.25kg
Sliced Beetroot2.25 kg
Cooking Brandy3 Litre
Cooking Wine – RED5 Litre
Cooking Wine – WHITE5 Litre
Vinegar – Cider5 Litre
Vinegar – Malt5 Litre
Vinegar – Rice Wine500ml
Vinegar – Sherry1 Litre
Vinegar – Red Wine5 Litre
Vinegar – White Wine5 Litre
Vinegar – Distilled White5 Litre
Walkers R/S Crisps32 x 32.5g

Cadburys Drinking Chocolate2 kg
Canderel Drum500g
Canderel Tabletsx 300
Cocoa Powder CL1 kg
Coffee Mate2.5 kg
Ground Coffee Original500g
Nescafe1 kg
Skimmed Milk Powder2 kg
Sweet + Low Sweeteners1x1000

Almond Flakes700g
Almond Essence500g
Almond Ground907g
Almond Whole1 kg
Apricots – Whole1 kg
Baking Powder800g
Batter Mix3.5 kg
Batter Mix Fish McDougall3.5 kg
Bicarbonate of Soda1 kg
Biscuit Crumb2 kg
Chocolate CALLETS – Dark5 kg
Chocolate CALLETS – Milk5 kg
Chocolate CALLETS – White5 kg
Cooking Brandy3 lt
Currants1 kg
Custard Mix (Milk or Water)3.5 kg
Dates Chopped2 kg
Dates Whole Curtis2 kg
Eggs – Medium5 Dozen
Four – Corn3 kg
Flour – Gram2 kg
Flour – G/F16 kg
Flour – G/F1 kg
Flour – Pasta2 kg
Flour – Plain16 kg
Flour – Plain3 kg
Flour – Self Raising16 kg
Flour – Self Raising3 kg
Flour – Self Raising McDougal’s3.5 kg
Flour – Strong16 kg
Flour – Strong3 kg
Flour -Wholemeal2 kg
Flour – 0002 kg
Tapioca Flour500g
Glucose Syrup1 kg
Golden Syrup7.257kg
Honey3 kg
Icing Sugar3 kg
Jam – Raspberry3 kg
Jam – Strawberry3 kg
Lemon Curd2 kg
Lemon Juice1 Litre
Lime Juice1Litre
Maple Syrup946g
Marmalade2 Kilo
Marshmallows – Pink/White1 Kilo
Meringue Nestsx 72
Oats2 Kilo
Pasteurised egg yolklitre
Peanut Butterx 6
Prunes – Dried1 kg
Prunes – Pitted1 kg
Prunes – Syrup850g
Raisins2 kg
Stem Ginger400g
Suet – Atora2 kl
Sugar – Caster25 kg
Sugar – Caster2 kg
Sugar – Demerara3 kg
Sugar – Dark Brown2.5 kg
Sugar – Granulated25 kg
Sugar – Granulated2 kg
Sugar – Light Brown (Soft)2.5 kg
Sultanas2.5 kg
Vanilla Essence500 ml
Vanilla Extract35 ml,
Yeast – Dried125g

Coulis – Blackberry1 kg
Coulis – Mango1 kg
Coulis – Passion1 kg
Coulis – Raspberry1 kg
Coulis – Strawberry1 kg
Coulis – White Peach1 kg,
Fan Wafers Tin200
Lotus Caramelised Biscuitsx 300
Mint Crisps1 kg
Mint Imperials Indv Wrapped2 kg
Chocolate Sauce (Davinci)500G
Strawberry Sauce (Davinci)500g
Toffee Sauce (Davinci)500g

Anti Bac Spray Pro clean1 Litre
Automatic Dishwash (Liquid)5 Litre
Beer Line Cleaner5 Litre
Black Bin Bags (Heavy Duty)200(18x29x39”)
Bleach – Thick5 Litre
Blue Rolls (180mm x 150mts)1 x 6
Cabinet Glasswasher (Liquid)5 Litre
Deepio750 ml
Floor Cleaner (Lemon Gel)5 Litre
Hand Wash (Bacterial)5 Litre
Hard Surface Cleaner5 Litre
Jay cloths Type Roll Bluex 50
Jay clothes Pink100
Oven Cleaner CP/oven+grill1 Litre
Probe Wipesx 70
Pro Clean Oven Cleaner1 Litre
Rinse Aid5 Litre
Scourers – Green6”x9”x10
Scourers – Metal1 x 10
Scourers – Sponge (Large)1 x 6
Wash Up12 x 500ml
Wash Up Liquid5 Litre
Wash Up – Fairy5 Litre

Baking Parchment50mt
Blue GlovesMed & Lge
Chafing Fuelx 12
Cling Film450mm x 300m
Foil Trays Round 12"1 sgl
Foil Pudding Cases75
Gloves Vinyl – Powder Freex ,100
Grease Proof Paper50metre
Heavy Duty Bin Bagsx 200
Piping Bags18”x100
Pizza Boxes12” x 100
Ramakin Pots2oz x 200
Skewers Bamboox100
Skewers Gun Handle15cmx 250
Take Away Tubs (Plastic)x 250
Tin Foil450mm x 75mm
Toilet Rolls24 x 2ply (Bloss Soft)
Toilet Rolls Jumbo Mini150mts x 95mm
White Napkin 33cm x 2plyx200
White Napkin 40cm x 2plyx 100